About the Photographer

Sally A. Schwartz 

Sally A. Schwartz believes in helping others bring to light the essence of ones true being.

Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she found a way to bring out her creativity while taking an Audio Visual class in High School. Realizing her passion for photography she started taking classes during and after her graduation as a student of Milwaukee’s, Downtown Technical College.  A few years later she found herself journeying to such places as the Philippines and Europe. She seized the opportunity to take advantage of her travels capturing her surroundings. Since then she has had the opportunity to photography many places and people.

Sally grew up in a family steeped rich in artistic backgrounds, so it is no wonder that she exudes in capturing just the right photo with a creative eye. She has the ability to think out of the box when capturing her subject’s essences, while doing it in her own unique way. Her photos are said to be uniquely tailored to the individual she photographs. while at the same time her ability to get an artistic moment across is uncanny. By choosing Schwartz as your photographer, you will be able to receive the photographs you are searching for.


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