Creating The Perfect Look

General Suggestions for a Positive Portrait Experience

A Positive Portrait Experience will be sure to capture the essence of an individual. Although Wardrobe, Props and Accessories add to the ambiance to a photo, it is ultimately about the subject at hand. To ensure a quality photographic session the tips list below may be of great consideration.  Also too you may also want to check out any details that are specific to you and your session.

1) Be sure to get plenty of rest prior to your shoot. Be on time for your photo session. Arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. We keep all appointments on schedule. If you arrive late, the time lost comes from your session.

2) If you need to cut, color or perm your hair, do not do this the day before your photo shoot. Please allow at least 3 to 5 days between any salon treatments and your photo date. Dark roots will look even darker in the photos. So please remember this detail prior to an upcoming shoot. Nails should be of one length, clean and presentable. Polish should not be chipped, French Tipped/pink & white or colorless is the standard. Eliminate any unsightly body hair.  Any and All Make-up and hairstyles are and will be the soul responsibility of you the client.

3) Avoid any excess sun exposure at least 2 days before photo session. This will help to eliminate any tan lines.

4) Be sure to plan ahead for your wardrobe a few days prior to your sitting session. If you need to coordinate with others    that may be in the shoot, or to a specific idea of the Photographer, this gives you plenty of time for any changes or additions to your wardrobe. It is always more pleasing to have your clothes pressed and cleaned as the fresh crisp   appearance is often picked up in the photo. Also to be sure to put your clothes on a hanger and check for any defects that may need repair. Please be aware that yellow, greens and certain shades of purples can adversely effect skin tone. Be your garments are clean and pressed. Place your clothes on hangers and carry them in a garment bag. Please inspect your garments for any flaws or defects. Avoid any busy patterns or bright contrasted clothing. They often tend to take center stage in photos. Sleeveless and Spaghetti Straps often tend to make ones arms look larger in photos and often are not flattering. So please wear with discretion. Long or ¾-three quarter sleeves are always the best option. Keep jewelry to a minimum unless excess is to be part of the shoot. We want our clients to be seen not the accessories. 

5) In order to avoid dry lips it is always a good thing to place a lip moisturizer such as Vaseline on prior to bed the night before to and morning of shoot. Drinking the normal recommended amount of water the day prior and morning of shoot will also help.

6) If you wear glasses it is best to remove them for the shoot or wear contact lenses. As the lenses may cause glare from the lenses themselves. Although we do our best to avoid this situation there are times this can not be helped. To do the artwork of trying to rid a photo of this is an expensive and is often charged to the client. 

7) If you are looking to build a portfolio, please bring a selection of clothing styles; formal, bikini, casual, athletic, etc. for a variety of looks.  

8) Some props may be provided for certain shoots. However, if you have items that will work well with a specific shoot please feel free to bring them along. We want to incorporate any items that you may feel helpful to a shoot or given theme of a shoot.

 9) Music helps to fill a given mood to a shoot. If you have music that you would like to hear please feel free to bring it along. We have found that a soft, mellow music is best to help one relax.

10) Retouching

Customarily our clients do not generally request retouching. Simple retouches are done at no charge. ( IE: Blemish, birthmark or mole removal.) More extensive retouching is available of course for an nominal charge if desired. More extensive retouching can add to the amount of time needed for the final images to be ready. Please be aware of Payment and Policies regarding more extensive retouching.

We ask that you make a small deposit or "creative fee" as we reserve this time just for you. This creative fee helps to cover the costs associated in creating the portraits for you. We ask that you refer to our page for a description of packages available. If your needs fall outside of our standard packages we will happily work with you to developed a session that's right for you. On the day of your session, we will collect any minimum purchase amount still due. We accept cash money orders or Cashiers checks. Arizona sales tax will be added to all prices. If Time for Print or Time for CD is available in some cases. These terms will be discussed prior to shoot. Our Photographer may select a few that captures you the Client in your best light. Selection of photos are a welcomed for discussion. We do not share photos with anyone outside of our staff without your permission. The subjects in all of the sample portraits you see at our studio and online have given us permission to show the portraits to others. We appreciate the trust they have shown to enable us to demonstrate our skills and art to you. Please advise us how you feel about this, either way, so that we may make a notation on your file.

11) Other Questions

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions before your sessions. We want you to be totally prepared so that you can relax and enjoy the session.

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